About Jonny Straws

Jonny’s passion is to help people achieve their goals both physically and mentally. At this point in his career he has been blessed to have many clientele and some financial freedom. So when it comes to devoting his time, he wants to work with people that are driven for long term success and not looking for a quick fix or gimmick. He wants to teach people to live in a new and healthy manner so that ultimately, they will not be dependent on a program to succeed but rather have the realization of the ability within themselves to achieve their goals.

A Certified ISSA CPT, in his years as a trainer, Jonny has had ownership of multiple gyms, trained 1000s of clients both in person and online and has had the pleasure of working with a broad scope of physiques, from over 500lbs to IFBB and WBFF professional athletes.

The hope is that wherever you find yourself in your quest for a healthier lifestyle, that Jonny's program will be able to assist you not only find your physical goal- But achieve a higher level of self acceptance and love through the process.