Jonny’s passion is to help people achieve their goals. At this point in his career he has been blessed to have many clientele and some financial freedom. So when it comes to devoting his time, he wants to work with people that are driven for long term success and not looking for a quick fix or gimmick. He wants to teach people to live in a new and healthy manner so that ultimately, they will no longer need him and know what it takes to be successful in health and in life.

So- after receiving initial payment, We will send over an initial questionnaire to get a better idea of where you are at and require photos and a medical background. With that information Jonny can begin to build your plan!

Jonny requires strength conditioning and cardio work at different times and nutrient timing is key in his programs.
 Jonny strongly encourages his clients to obtain a gym membership He requires photo check-ins every 2 weeks and provides his direct email and phone number so that you have your trainer available 24/7
 as you change, he will change your diet and workouts month to month.

Jonny will be fair and honest with his time, commitment and cost. He charges $199 a month for nutrition, workouts and cell check-ins etc (the whole package of having the trainer do everything for every day) The 6 month program is $1200 total if program is paid monthly. The 12 month program is $2400 if the program is paid monthly. Jonny offers $200 off for payment upfront for 6 months and  500 off for the year. He only takes on clients that are serious.

Due to high demand for his time and plans- If someone wants to pay month to month Jonny requires first and last months payment upfront. He has fallen victim of other trainers purchasing his plans for a month to try to take elements to use on their clientele. 
It’s all pretty reasonable when you think you'd spend that on 2 sessions with a trainer vs a month of workouts and nutrition and having Jonny monitor and oversee. 
A normal session with a trainer for one hour at a mega gym is about $60-$70 US dollars. 
Once you are ready, we send over a statement and a payment request via PayPal and we will get going.

Gym and Cardio Plans - $99/Month No Contract Offered month to month. Full Weightlifting and Cardio regimens built for your ability in and out of the gym. Includes videos, reps/sets and instructions.

Nutritional and Supplementation Advisement - $119/Month Offered month to month. Meal plans created based on need of clientele. All foods, weights and measurements, timing and supplementation needs listed out for every day of the week.

FULL Training Program - $200/Month w/6month contract Includes building your Workout Program and Nutritional/Supplemental Advisement to work synergistically towards your goal. As a One on One client- you have unlimited email access- phone call- facetime video with Jonny during your time working together. Meal plans and workout plans change accordingly to the clients needs until the goal is met.


Proper Lifts of the week- How do I – squat/deadlift/curl etc properly?-  I walk you through how to properly perform major exercises with the exact form you want to have.
Supplemental Breakdown- Full details of how the supplements you take work- Breaking down popular supplements- how they work, when to take and how they will help you on your journey.

Video of the week- Motivation- Inspiration for all fitness levels. Video sent each week discussing a variety of topics.